Jesus with Pitbull poster

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As an imported dog breed originating from the United States, its characteristics are very aggressive and aggressive. This dog breed originates from the Americas and is gradually being raised in Vietnam. Considered as the fierce god of fighting dogs, with the strength of the body plus sharp teeth, when fighting Pitbulls are likened to warriors, they can bite each other to the last breath. Pitbull is considered the lord of fighting dogs.

Jesus with Pitbull poster2
Jesus with Pitbull poster2

In some fighting dog breeds, the American Pitbull is used in dog fights the most and excels at defending the territory, protecting the owner. Originating from the US, with an average weight of 30-40 kg, looks very brave and ready to die when receiving orders from the owner. This animal can confront and defeat dogs many times larger than itself and does not fear or falter before any opponent.[8] In the United States, they are considered the most dangerous breed and are used in combat.

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