Skeleton nice butt poster

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    Skeleton nice butt poster

    “Spirit King” Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a skeleton that the Straw Hats found on a ghost ship after it drifted into the Demon Triangle for 50 years. He is a user of the Yomi Yomi no Mi (Devil Fruit Resurrection), and after death is brought back to a false immortal state thanks to its power.
    His dream was, after exploring the world, to be reunited with Laboon on Reverse Mountain, where he resided with Crocus.
    He is the ninth member of the Straw Hat crew, and the eighth member to join the crew, as well as the oldest and second tallest member after Jinbe. He is also one of the two current swordsmen on board, with the other being Roronoa Zoro.
    He has held the position of musician Luffy has long wanted in his crew since the moment he began his journey. Currently he holds a bounty of 83,000,000 Berries.

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    Before he died, Brook was a tall, thin, tanned man with a rather distinctive face. He has a ruffled beard under his chin and a few mustache. He often wears sunglasses covering his eyes. On his forehead there is a scar that resembles an omega symbol, after forming a skeleton it still appears in the form of a crack in his skull.
    Before Timeskip, Brook was a very tall skeleton, always dressed in formal clothes with a high hat and cane. Although he has no skin, he still has long, curly black hair, which he says is due to the hard roots of his hair. He ties a blue tie around his neck. Due to the many years on the ghost ship, his clothes were somewhat tattered.
    After Timeskip, his clothes are more trendy and vibrant, looking like a rock star. He wears heart-shaped sunglasses, a yellow feather shawl, a tall cap with a giant crown on the brim and orange-red pants with floral motifs. Despite being skeleton, he grew up to 277 cm

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