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Messi PSG jersey“A baseball shirt, or polo shirt, is an athletic style of garment usually referred to as a Tshirt, or shortsleeved shirt, also called a crew neck. Traditionally, it typically has long sleeves with a naturally round neckline and short at sleeves, also known as a shortsleeved necktie, that lacks a vneckline. Tshirts are usually manufactured of a light, breathable and durable fabric such as cotton and are fairly easy to clean and care for. They’re comfortable and casual wear making them a top choice for both the novice and seasoned baseball player. Many professional baseball players choose to wear a polo shirt under their baseball jacket during games so they can play in comfort.

Messi PSG jerseyThe term vis vim, actually means “”visibility”” in Latin. One can wear a baseball shirt with long sleeves, and with the vshaped opening over the chest area, without showing much skin. But what if you really want to show off your body? How do you do that without looking like you’re trying to hide something? One solution is to wear a vneck, which is essentially a shortened version of a regular baseball jersey.

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