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LGBT American Be Kind Flags All flags have four basic parts: the union, the colors, the design, and the saltire. The union is the top half of the flag; this represents the unity of the flag and the national flag. The union is the place where the flag is hoisted; it is hoisted from the flagpole, or from a nearby building. The colors are what make the flag distinct, usually arranged in sets of two or three, although there are some exceptions to this rule. The flag used for a country’s flag is referred to as the “national flag” while the flag for a state is referred to as its “state flag.”
As stated above, the union is the most important part of the flag; however, there are several other components as well. Some states allow for the addition of extra components like the colors or the main article. Other states only allow for the union, the colors, and the name of the nation or state. The main article is often referred to as the “blue star” in America, Canada, and many European nations. LGBT American Be Kind Flags  The terms we use today to describe a range of sexualities and gender identities – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer – are mostly quite recent inventions. For the most part, we simply don’t know how people in the past would have described their sexuality or gender. We use the acronym LGBTQ because we believe it comes closest to capturing the breadth of experiences and identities for those whose sexualities didn’t fit within societal norms.

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LGBT American Be Kind Flags

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