Jesus with Pekingese poster

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The Pekingese is a small, well-proportioned, hardy breed. It has a firm, sturdy body, slightly longer than its height. The head is larger than the rest of the body, the fracture is quite pronounced. The front part of the face is smooth, flat. The wide, thick snout below the eyes divides into the upper and lower parts of the face. Black muzzle. The black nose is wide and short. Lower jaw slightly protruding with strong, broad jawbones. The eyes are round, large, bulging far apart with black eyelids. The ears are on the front of the head, heart-shaped, hanging close to the head. They are so hairy that when they appear they look square like a rectangle. Short neck. The legs are short, thick and strong. The tail is high, slightly arched and curls over the back. The outer coat is long, coarse and dense in texture. The undercoat is soft and dense.


Jesus with Pekingese poster2
Jesus with Pekingese poster2

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