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I Could Shit A Better President capThe rising rate environment has many advantages for investors who own cap rate products. First, they don’t have to worry about interest rate cap being a reason to stay out of a market. Because rates are rising, they’re less likely to see a drop in the value of their portfolio when markets are falling. Since cap rate securities are tied to short term fluctuations in interest rates, they benefit when interest rates fall. When they get to break even, most cap rate investors sell their securities and take their profits. This allows them to create a diversified portfolio with a low risk/reward ratio.

I Could Shit A Better President capInterest rate cap, capped interest rate cap, and indexed cap-type products all have advantages that make them attractive to investors. Cap-type products allow investors to get the benefits of indexing without the risks of actual funds tied to fixed rates. The rising rate environment gives cap-type securities the edge when investors want to protect their wealth from falling stock prices or a falling exchange rate environment. And with cap-type products that offer flexibility, investors can enjoy diversification while sticking to a narrow allocation strategy.”


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I Could Shit A Better President cap