God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster

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The Shih Tzu is a fairly small dog, with a common height of 20-25 cm and a weight of 3-8 kg, classified as a toy size (dogs with a size < 25 cm). Shishi dog is a dog with a compact, stocky appearance, the body is slightly longer than the height. They are 28 cm tall and weigh only 4-7 kg. The Shih Tzu dog’s coat is very long, most Shih Tzu dogs will have a long, sweeping coat when mature if not trimmed.

God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster2
God surrounded by Shih Tzu angel Poster2

Their heads are wide and round, their impressive features are large round eyes and wide distance between eyes, wide nose with open nostrils, square muzzle and short face, protruding jaw frame with front teeth. The lower jaw covers the upper front teeth, the face is covered with long, thick hair, the long tufts of hair on the head are often tied up, the ears grow low on the sides of the head, and the tail curls up on the back.

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