God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster

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Chihuahuas are small dogs with round heads and short muzzles. It has large round eyes, dark almost black, sometimes dark ruby ​​red. The distinctively large ears are always kept upright. Chihuahua puppies have a soft hollow at the top of the head. This hole when the dog grows up will be covered by the skull bone. Body sturdy, longer than height, tail bent over the back or to the side.

God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster2
God surrounded by Chihuahua angels Poster2

In Vietnam, short-haired species are very popular, however, in foreign countries both short-haired and long-haired are equally valued. Coat color is usually sandy yellow, chestnut brown, silver, steel blue, light brown. However, other colors are also acceptable, including black and brown and mixed colors. This breed is quite strong for their slender body. They have a flat back and 4 straight legs.

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