Boston Marathon 2024: Winners, Results, and Finish Times – Updated Live!

Boston Marathon 2024: Winners, Results, and Finish Times – Updated Live!

The roar of the crowd on Boylston Street has subsided, but the echoes of history still resonate. The 128th Boston Marathon has concluded, leaving behind a legacy of athletic excellence and personal triumphs. Our live, constantly updated results page captures the essence of this legendary race. Find out who emerged victorious, pushing their bodies and minds to the limit to claim the coveted Boston Marathon champion’s title.

But the Boston Marathon is more than just a battle for first place. It’s a testament to the human spirit, where everyday athletes run alongside seasoned professionals. Delve into our results page and explore the stories behind the finish times. Celebrate the personal victories of runners who conquered their goals, whether it was qualifying for the race, achieving a personal best, or simply completing the grueling 26.2-mile course.

Our comprehensive results page isn’t just about names and numbers. It’s a window into the drama, the determination, and the sheer joy that unfolds on race day. So, whether you’re a Boston Marathon enthusiast or simply admire a display of human resilience, dive into our live results and relive the excitement of this historic event!


  1. Sisay Lemma (ETH) 2:016:17
  2. Mohamed Esa (ETH) 2:06:58
  3. Evans Chebet (KEN) 2:07:22
  4. John Korir (KEN) 2:07:40
  5. Albert Korir (KEN) 2:07:47
  6. Isaac Mpofu (ZIM) 2:08:17
  7. C.J. Albertson (USA) 2:09:53
  8. Yuma Morii (JPN) 2:09:59
  9. Cybrian Kotut (KEN) 2:10:29
  10. Zouhair Talbi (MOR) 2:10:45
Boston Marathon 2024 1
Boston Marathon 2024 1


  1. Hellen Obiri (KEN) 2:22:37
  2. Sharon Lokedi (KEN) 2:22:45
  3. Edna Kiplagat (KEN) 2:23:21
  4. Buze Diriba (ETH) 2:24:04
  5. Senbere Teferi (ETH) 2:24:04
  6. Mary Ngugi-Cooper (KEN) 2:24:24
  7. Woknenesh Edesa (ETH) 2:24:47
  8. Fatima Gardadi (MOR) 2:24:53
  9. Tiruye Mesfin (ETH) 2:24:58
  10. Dera Dida (ETH) 2:25:16
Boston Marathon 2024 22
Boston Marathon 2024 22


  1. Marcel Hug (SUI) 1:15:33
  2. Daniel Romanchuk (USA) 1:20:37
  3. David Weir (GBR) 1:22:12
  4. Sho Watanabe (JPN) 1:26:10
  5. Joshua Casidy (CAN) 1:26:15
  6. Kota Hokinoue (JPN) 1:26:19
  7. Aaron Pike (USA) 1:28:35
  8. Simon Lawson (GBR) 1:28:49
  9. Jake Lappin (AUS) 1:29:25
  10. Rafael Botello Jimenez (ESP) 1:29:34
Boston Marathon 2024 2
Boston Marathon 2024 2


  1. Eden Rainbow-Cooper (GBR) 1:35:11
  2. Manuela Schar (SUI) 1:36:41
  3. Madison de Rozario (AUS) 1:39:20
  4. Patricia Eachus (SUI) 1:40:22
  5. Aline Dos Santos Rocha (BRA) 1:41:47
  6. Vanessa de Souza (BRA) 1:43:22
  7. Marie Emmanuelle Anias Alphonse (MRI) 1:45:09
  8. Michelle Wheeler (USA) 1:45:09
  9. Jenna Fesemyer (USA) 1:46:21
  10. Hoda Elshorgbagy (EGY) 1:47:32

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The 128th Boston Marathon has come to a close, leaving behind a wealth of stories waiting to be explored. From the champions who dominated the course to the everyday heroes who achieved their personal bests, this year’s race was a testament to the power of human potential. Our live, updated results page is your one-stop shop to relive the drama, celebrate the victories, and be inspired by the unwavering determination of all participants. So, don’t miss out – delve into the results and immerse yourself in the magic of the Boston Marathon!

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