Snoopy Sunflower doormat

Snoopy Sunflower doormat4

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Snoopy is a loyal, imaginative and good-natured beagle who is prone to imagining fantasy lives, including being an author, a college student known as “Joe Cool”, an attorney and a British World War I flying ace. He is perhaps best known in this last persona, an aviator’s helmet and goggles and a scarf while carrying a swagger stick (like a stereotypical British Army officer of World War I and II).

Snoopy Sunflower doormat. Snoopy can be selfish, gluttonous and lazy at times, and occasionally mocks his owner, Charlie Brown. But on the whole, he shows great love, care, and loyalty for his owner (even though he cannot even remember his name and always refers to him as “The Round-Headed Kid”). In the 1990s comic strips, he is obsessed with cookies, especially the chocolate-chip variety. This, and other instances in which he indulges in large chocolate-based meals and snacks, shows a resistance to theobromine unheard of in other dogs.

Snoopy Sunflower doormat3
Snoopy Sunflower doormat3
Snoopy Sunflower doormat2
Snoopy Sunflower doormat2

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