Weed Support your local farmer canabis poster

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    Weed Support your local farmer canabis poster

    Cannabis is a mixture of the dried leaves, stems, seeds, and chopped flowers of the hemp (cannabis plant). Of the more than 500 chemicals found in cannabis, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, called THC for short, has a psychotropic (mood-altering) effect. THC seeps into the bloodstream through the lung wall or across the lining of the stomach and small intestine and then travels to the brain, altering activity and distorting perception of the brain’s world. THC also causes smokers to experience heart palpitations, fear, anxiety, depression, paranoia, negative thoughts, passivity, laziness, irritability, difficulty concentrating and reducing the body’s immune system. .
    However, a number of studies have demonstrated the effects of cannabis to help reduce pain, stimulate appetite, dilate the bronchi (help treat asthma), and anti-spasm (help treat Parkinson’s disease. and plaque), vasodilation (helps to treat glaucoma). The Journal of Nature Medicine (3/2000) published an article about the Spanish study, which found that THC can reduce brain tumors in white mice (with an effect of over 1/3). , creating the basis for the ability to treat gliomas in humans.

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    Researchers at Harvard have found THC in cannabis not only inhibits tumor growth, but also prevents metastasis. Through the experiment, the scientists found that when injecting a standard dose of THC into mice implanted with lung cancer cells, after 3 weeks of treatment, the tumor was halved compared to the control group. In the US, 35 states currently have passed legislation supporting the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes ..
    CBD (cannabidiol) – another active ingredient extracted from the cannabis plant is lower in concentration than THC but induces stimuli such as euphoria, pleasure, happiness, paranoia, anxiety and stress, and effective pain relief for epilepsy patients. CBD also helps reduce nausea during chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients, helps limit weight loss in HIV patients, and also works with Alzheimer’s disease.

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