Pig nice butt poster

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    Pig nice butt poster

    Peppa Pig is a British animated series for preschoolers, directed and co-produced by Astley Baker Davies with Entertainment One. Series about pink pig family officially aired for the first time on May 31, 2004.
    As of 2010, Peppa Pig has been shown to more than 180 countries and regions, the most popular fan base of the pink pig family is mainly from the UK, US and China.
    Peppa Pig: pink pig fascinated from young to old, becomes a cultural symbol of billions of dollars after 15 years of steaming around the internet
    The pink pig family Peppa Pig includes: Pigs of sister Peppa, pig of sister George and parents of pigs Daddy and Mommy

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    Each Peppa Pig episode is about 5 minutes long, sometimes there are special episodes up to 10 – 15 minutes long. Mainly revolves around the life of Peppa (Peppa is the sister pig, George is the sister pig and the pig parents Daddy and Mommy) a humanized female pig, as well as the character’s family and friends. In particular, each friend of the Peppa pig family is a different animal. The background in each episode is very close and familiar, including daily activities such as going out, swimming, visiting relatives …
    Most of the characters that appear in Peppa Pig are dressed, living in houses and driving cars like humans – but they still exhibit the traits of the species. For example, the Peppa pig family will sniff “oink oink” when talking in English; The rabbit house likes to dig burrows and grow carrots … Something like that.
    All of the characters also blush when embarrassed and their mouths are used to express emotions such as happy, sad, or happy and irritable. With a deep narrative voice, comedian John Sparkes often adds words to reinforce a character’s actions or show humor.
    For example, when something unfortunate happens, John will say “Oh, dear” or “Careful!” when a character does something unsafe.

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