In a world full of roses be a weed quilt

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In a world full of roses be a weed quilt

The ‘T’s’ are crossed and that all the ‘I’s’ are dotted as she In a world full of roses be a weed quilt stays on top of a constant flow of mail orders – even when her grandchildren jump on her lap giggling and almost knock her off her chair. Today, Palatine Fruit & Roses have farmland right from Dunnville to Niagara-on-the-Lake and collectively farm about 200 acres of land. We use to have a dairy farm with 55 ‘milkers’ on 300 acres in Listowel said Rene. It was beautiful and you couldn’t see the end of it.

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We only sell what we grow in our own fields on our land expressed Rene as he explained their efforts to also grow disease resistant roses that will still appeal to all the senses. But as the saying goes, ‘every rose has its thorn’, and while the Schmitz family are not likely to ever complain, Rene did utter, At times, during the hot and dry days, when everyone else is swimming or going off to the beach – I’m in the fields grafting.

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