Hexing because murder is wrong poster

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Hexing because murder is wrong poster

In 1785, Elly Kedward of the town of Blair (present-day United States) was chased into the woods by people on conviction that she used magic and considered her a witch. After that, there are many children lost in the forest and it is rumored that, the witch Elly Kedward lured them to the den, forced a few to face the wall and killed the rest …
In 1824, 11 witnesses saw Eileen being dragged down the Tappy East creek by an invisible force. 13 days later, the creek was suddenly seriously polluted, the villagers had to move their cattle out of the polluted creek.
In March 1886, a baby girl, Robin Weaver, went missing in the woods, and villagers sent a search team. A few days later, Robin returned and recalled that a woman had locked her in an old house. However, those looking for her never returned. The villagers turned to the police, but they did not find a single body, only the smell of the corpse lingering in the woods. The town of Burkittsville was filled with the smell of death, death.
Witches’ ceremonies feature dances known as witch dancing. People use hand movements, legs, head sway and props such as bells and bowls of incense to create hallucinations with witnesses.
In the Congo President Mobutu was a coup in 1997. It was followed by the mysterious death of President Laurent Kabila. Many people believe that all are caused by witches.

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