Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt

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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt


“From the day my grandparents met, and throughout their entire courtship, my grandfather wrote a letter to my grandma expressing his love for her,” said Kellyn Brandt, administrative assistant at Sea Cliff Healthcare Center. “It wasn’t until my grandfather passed that I learned about this, and it made me think about all the questions I could have asked him. Since then I’ve been hounding my grandmother for every detail about their love life.”(If married) How did you and your spouse meet? What were your other dating experiences like? How did you know your spouse was the one to marry?As an adult, did you have any close friends who you’ve kept in touch with? Think about the friends who influenced your life and why they were important to you. Name something about raising children that changed from your first child to your last.Places you’ve livedWhile your grandfather may have lived his life in the same home as his parents, there may be detailsyou didn’t know or expect. Learn about their travels and experiences both at home and away. What do you remember about your childhood home? Where did you grow up, and where do you consider your hometown? Did you ever move? What were your feelings when you moved? How many different places did you live? Of all the places you’ve lived, which was your favorite? Which was the saddest? Where would you have liked to live but never got there?

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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt

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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt

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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt

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Grumpa like a regular grandpa only grumpier Shirt