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    Cannabis Support your local farmer poster

    In the Americas: (1) Uruguay (December 10, 2013) legalized cannabis, becoming the first country in the world to supervise the production and trade of this drug. For the purpose of “weakening the power” of drug cartels. The Act allows individuals over the age of 18 to purchase 40 grams from pharmacies; grow cannabis on a small scale (6 plants per person) and create a marijuana club gathering. All of these processes are subject to government oversight and control; (2) In the US, there are 30 states that legalize medical marijuana (New York, Nevada, Michigan, Maryland, Montana, Hawaii …) and 9 states use recreational marijuana, including California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Alaska, Oregon, Washington DC ..; (3) Canada (10-2018) officially legalized recreational cannabis, becoming the second country in the world to do so. Under the new rules, Canadian citizens aged 18-21 years or older have the right to purchase up to 30 grams and can plant no more than 4 trees per person. The law will help the Canadian government to regulate the cannabis market more closely, preventing children under the age of 18 from accessing the drug; (4) In addition, the legalization of cannabis in the medical field is also in other Central and South American countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia …

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    In Asia-Europe-Africa: (1) Thailand intends to legalize medical cannabis and proceed with the construction of an 800-hectare cannabis plant for medical research purposes in Sakon province. Nakhon. And is preparing to pass a bill on legalization need ca. Once this law is passed, not only the patients benefit but the Thai economy also reaped huge profits from the production and export of cannabis, even the tourism industry in Thailand has hope. growth is expected to skyrocket. Thai Cannabis Company Vice President Jim Plamondon recently affirmed that Thailand can now produce the best quality cannabis at a fraction of the price of Western manufacturers, and hope Thailand will become the world’s leading cannabis producer in the near future;

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