Assuming i’m just an old lady was your first mistake poster

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    Assuming i’m just an old lady was your first mistake poster

    According to research from Emory University, USA, the age difference of couples can easily lead to breaking up. The percentage of couples having a crack is up to 95% if they are about 20 years apart.
    “When I was 20, I was born. On you 40, you just turned 20 ”.
    Not deviating from her lover until 20 years, but she just turned 24, 13 years younger than his lover.
    Nhi always admits and agrees “hands and feet” with the view that love does not matter age. But deep in her there is always a difficult problem to solve: Love is too much age difference, two generations will definitely have different thoughts and views.
    “Is it durable?”.
    This question is not only Ngoc Nhi, but also any girl or boy entering an age-difference relationship also feels shy. The difference of a few years old is already different, the difference of a dozen years, sometimes it is a different story.

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    “I’m so different, I think it would be better if I broke up”.
    Many times, Nhi asked to break up with Tuan – her boyfriend was 13 years older than her. Every time an argument or a problem arises, Nhi is always the one to suffer. Tuan always assumes that he is the first and is always right. On the side of Nhi, she is considered an absurd and arrogant child.
    “I’m an adult, I know what’s good for us both. Do not you consider yourself always right? “. Every hundred times as one, Nhi’s boyfriend always ends the story by claiming himself as an adult. But for her, it is a paternal habit.
    24 years old, a stable office job, a monthly salary of more than 20 million, she does not think she is a child who likes to be stubborn, or as grumpy as he said.
    The two quarrels, Nhi felt too unreasonable. There are things like the point of view of being a bride, treating both families’ families, the two cannot “match” with each other.
    She wants to build a family with only 2 people, does not want to live in the same house with her parents, younger brother-in-law. She is very afraid of encountering things like her mother-in-law, sister-in-law quarrels.

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