Polo game everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

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    Polo game everything will kill you so choose something fun poster

    Polo is known to have originated in China and Persia about 2000 years ago. The name “polo” may be derived from the word “pholo” meaning “ball” or “ball game” in the Balti language in Tibet.
    The first recorded match took place in 600 BC between the Turks and the Persians (the Turks had won). In the 4th century AD, King Sapoor II of Persia learned to play polo at the age of 7. In the 16th century, a polo playground was built in Ispahan (later the capital of Persia) by King Abbas the Great. Back then, polo was only for kings. Therefore, it is also known as “the game of kings” (“the game of Kings”).

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    The Mongols brought the game from Persia to the East, and in the 16th century King Babur brought it to India. (Actually polo has been present in China and Japan for a long time, but when Westerners arrived, it no longer existed). In the 1850s, tea growers from England discovered the game in Manipur, on the border between Burma and India. They founded the world’s first polo club in Silchar, west of Manipur. Malta was the next country to know polo when in 1868 British soldiers returning from India stopped there.
    In 1869, Edward “Chicken” Hartopp, of the 10th Cavalry, read an article about polo in The Field magazine while stationed in Aldershot, and had with his teammates held the first polo match. first. This sport, known as “horseback hockey”, was played at Hounslow Heath with 10 quick rules. However, it was John Watson (1856 – 1908), of the 13th Cavalry, who established the first real rules of the sport in India in the 1870s. Freebooters, which won the first Westchester Cup match in 1886. He was also the mainstay player of the All Ireland Polo Club founded in 1872 by Horace Rochfort in Clogrenane, Carlow County.

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