Horse why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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    Horse why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

    From time immemorial, the horse has become a friend, a loyal servant of man, loved by humans. In many places, horses are the embodiment of energy, luck, happiness, power. The horse is also a symbol of agility, strength, energy, creativity, wealth …
    The horse is about 50 – 60 million years ago. The horse’s distant ancestor is the Eohippus breed in the Eocene, Tertiary period, as large as a fox, 35.5cm in height, 5.4kg in weight; forefoot 4 toes, hind foot 3 toes, with small nails. They live in forests of North America, Europe, and East Asia; eat leaves. Over time, horses have evolved through many intermediate forms in the direction of running fast on hard ground to easily evade predators; the number of toes decreased gradually, toes covered with hooves (hard horn covers), legs were higher, the body grew larger and turned to herbivorous. 2 million years ago, the horse was about 40cm tall; In the Oligocene period, like Mesohippus was about 60cm tall, with 3 toes each; in the Pliocene period, the breed Pliohypus had only one finger, which was the direct ancestor of the horse. Horses now weigh 200-250kg.

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