Cat sunflower you are my sunshine poster

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    Cat sunflower you are my sunshine poster

    The black cat in science is simply a cat with black fur. The source of that color is purely due to pigmentation, and up to 22 species of cats have black fur. Usually, the amount of pigment that produces black hair is more in males than females.
    The bad reputation for black cats has its roots in Western culture. In Western history, the black cat has been seen as a symbol of evil and evil. In most European countries, they embody bad luck. A black cat running across the street means bad things will happen, even dead people.

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    According to European medieval culture, black cats also have the ability to transform into a human and act as a spy for witches. And the skull of the black cat is used by witches to concoct the poison.
    Since then, people began to see black cats as a sign of Satan. The devout European community at that time always doubted and considered black cats to be a part of evil magic, related to ghosts. And so the black cat becomes a ruined creature, whoever is involved in them is punished or punished.


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