Native American Pattern Tote Bag

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Native American Pattern Tote Bag“What is a tote bag? A tote bag is usually an oversized and often unfasten bag with fold-out handles on its outside side of the bag. The bag’s name probably descends from Low German totes, cognate to German Tote. Tote bags are also commonly used as disposable shopping bags. The bag itself is quite spacious; sometimes it can have as much room as a large garment bag.

Native American Pattern Tote BagIn some aspects, like a handbag or a diaper bag, a tote bag has the same function, but in some aspects it is superior because of the functionality and convenience it offers. This is because a tote bag can be used to carry almost anything and as it is made of canvas, it can be protected from the elements like rain, dust and heat. Here are some of the functional features that make Tote bags stand out from other bags:

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