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Schnauzer Lovers House Flag and Garden Flag3

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American Schnauzer Flag Flag design has been around since ancient times. Ancient civilizations were accustomed to making and using flag symbols and they did not hesitate to display their victorious battles and accomplishments with these symbols. A flag can either be a flag of a country or it can also be a flag of a country plus an insignia. It is used for identification, as a symbolic sign, or mainly for decoration.

Schnauzer Lovers House Flag and Garden Flag1

American Schnauzer Flag The breed is of above average intelligence and can be independent minded, so early training and diverse daily exercise are recommended. Based on Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs (2006) ranking methodology, the Miniature ranked 12th, Standard 18th, and Giant 28th out of 140 breeds within 79 ranks on the ability to learn and obey new commands i.e. working and obedience intelligence. The first two were grouped among “excellent working dogs”, while the Giant among “above-average working dogs”. Additionally, experts ranked the Miniature as 5th among top 15 breeds at watchdog barking ability, the Giant as 6th among top 13 breeds at effective guard ability, while in adaptive intelligence all three breeds showed good problem-solving abilities. They are protective and energetic, and will alert members of the household to any potential danger, although its watchful nature can lead to persistent barking. To avoid annoying the neighbors, dog owners should make every effort to curb excessive barking through training.

Schnauzer Lovers House Flag and Garden Flag2


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